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Yes we can, we work worldwide! You can contact us via phone or email or by sending a filed out form via this site and we will get back in touch. Each customer has an allocated account manager, who will communicate with the customer by their preferred way of contact, usually by email, to assure good commutation in a timely fashion.

Yes we do, we can make most products and samples! We work from initial tech pack through to bulk delivery. We can also pick up the process half way through, if samples already exist and fabrics have been ordered, we can finalise the process and get the production done.

After the orders are agreed and all CP confirmed by both parts, the process is initiated. The communication can be made on a daily basis or weekly basis so the workflow is kept. This can be done by email, so all correspondence is recorded, or by other means like using apps to support the speedy reply to our customers.

Ready to order


Our usual MOQ is 100 to 300 units per style and colour. This MOQ could depend on MOQ of fabric as most suppliers ask for 300 or 600 meters of fabric. But it also has to do with how complicated and elaborated is the particular style. We can do any quantity for a designer label, our aim is to also work with a more particular kind of product where the quantities will not be high. We can be flexible with our customers to give the best service. Usually new brands will need more technical support, we can be flexible and help out!

Overcoats, Coats, Jackets, Parkas, Pants, Tshirts, Polos, Shirts, Dresses, Sweatshirts, Accessories, Shorts, and more.

IN - Wool, silk, cotton, viscose, polyester, denim, twill, canvas, linen, lyocell, modal, jersey, leather and others.

WITH - Print, Embroideries, Patches, Labels, Hangtags, Packaging and others.

We can work both ways, depending on each customer requirement.

2 to 4 weeks for samples and protos

4 to 8 weeks for bulk production

NOTE: Please add 1 to 2 weeks for any print or dying

Please request all info on email, as all details are confidential so please mentioned this when getting in touch.

Photography, Logos, Web Design

Web Design

Fashion websites can vary tremendously depending on what it will be used for. Static sites to showcase product are less costly than fully loaded e-commerce sites. To make things easier we have developed three packages that most fashion brands can choose from for their website. Basic, Better and Best.


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